Friday, March 19, 2010

March 25 - Hospital Project - Seahorse

Hello & Welcome to my blog. It's good to see you.
WIP - Work in Progress
I am currently working on a project for a large hospital in Florida. They will be using some of my Whimzicals(tm) Artwork for signage in both the hallways and also in rooms. I will be putting a brief WIP (work in progress) of each piece as I create it, since many of you ask about my pieces and how I create them. I start out pretty basic, with little idea of shapes or colors until I begin to lay in color.. As I add color, I am better able to decide how the next area/section will play against the first area, and so it goes until I'm satisfied. Sometimes with my method, I will lose a piece. Colors don't work, shapes don't work,... and then I must begin again, but if I take my time, walk away, return later... etc,. I am usually able to see what I feel will work best. As for the design part,...layout.. I put in one piece or section at a time, then I keep re-working it until I'm satisfied with both shapes and inter-action. I am asked very often about the use of resist or frisket. I do not use them. Luckily my hand is still steady enough to paint around my whites, so all white areas are simply left.... they are not frisket-ed. Would love to hear your thoughts and input. Thanks everyone... especially my new twitter pals...
:) Jo

Sketch at it's third layer of paint decisions
After painting the first Seahorse in the misty
greens, I decided to warm up the second one.
This is part of my decision making process.. Looking
and deciding as I work..letting it rest, and then moving on.

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Cat Salter said...

Love the sea horses, Jo! I like the subtle sea greens and blues! Really like the one in the middle with the circles for a tail. Good luck with your work with baby unit, Cat x

Artwork © Jo Lynch