Sunday, April 11, 2010

Meeting a Twitter Friend - Art Festival - Gainesville

Saturday, on both an invitation from a Twitter friend and a whim, Bob and I decided to drive across Florida to a town called Gainesville where they were holding their annual Art Festival. We had been invited by twitter friend ArtbyEve in February, to meet in April at this event. When the time drew near, it didn't seem as though it would work out, but on a whim, Bob and I decided to take advantage of the gorgeous warm weather and drive across the state to the Festival anyway. I quickly "Tweeted" Eve, not really expecting to hear from her, and low and behold, as we were driving toward our destination, my cell rang, and here is this cute little voice asking if I were Jo Lynch. Yes, it was Eve. We were able to meet right on the main street of the Art Festival. Eve is a tiny little fun loving very active artist. What a delight. We strolled down the lovely old tree shaded streets in the center of Gainesville viewing all sorts of awesome artwork. There was a great variety, such as glass, pottery, photography, textiles, paintings of course, drawings, jewelry and more. Many wonderful artists attend this event and it has been considered one of the top festivals in the nation since 1996. Eve and I had a short but terrific visit. We hope to visit one another's art setups sometime later this year. Thank You Eve for making us aware of the Festival. Remember we have a great Art Festival here in Daytona Beach in the Fall.


Wendy Wright said...

That is soooo wonderful you two got to meet! Yahoo! :) I am soooo jealous ArtbyEve got to meet the amazing Whimsicals! Glad you both had a wonderful day! :)

Art by Eve said...

Hi Jo, It was so wonderful meeting you and your dear husband this weekend in Gainesville! Putting a face with a Twitter name was very exciting. You are an inspiration to me and I hope we are able to meet again soon. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to make my day! Cheers--Eve

Artwork © Jo Lynch