Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hospital Update/ Flamingos Are Finished

The Original Whimzical Version

The Flamingos are finished and I have created the next design of Pelicans for the hospital from a piece I had done earlier. Attaching the flamingos here. For the hospital use, I have added a yellow sky background to work with their color scheme, and a blue base, but I prefer them this way, clean and clear. When this project is complete, I will post all 7 designs in their final colors and shapes.
Thanks for following along.... Jo

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Allison Reece said...

I have such a love for flamingos. Love your work. Especially the vibrant colors. The sand dollar piece you did for a hospital was one of my favs. You bring back memories of fun summer days at the beach for me. I'm a beach gal and where I feel most happiest.
Enjoying your art,
Allison Reece

Artwork © Jo Lynch