Thursday, April 29, 2010

Aceo A Week for Art 4 Critters~ Week 4

100 % of the sale of this Aceo will go to Fieldhaven Rescue for cats. This is a Maine Coon Kitty, named ColeCoon All-American Pride, owned by his Mom, Carm Cole, who has her own BLOG where you can find out all about Maine Coon Cats. They are a beautiful breed, and Carm has a houseful. If you like Maine Coon Cats, or you'd like to help a Cat Rescue, please consider bidding on Maine Coon Kitty 1... There will be more to follow. We appreciate your support. So far you are making this project a sucess in all the listings thus far have sold and 100% of the monies is going to help these smaller rescue organizations. Thank You for your continued support...
Auction Link: Maine Coon Kitty 1

1 comment:

Wendy Wright said...

Wow! What a beautiful piece. Really love the treatment of the fur, just splendid! :)

Artwork © Jo Lynch