Wednesday, May 26, 2010 what happens us while we're busy making plans. :) Since I was here a few weeks ago, a very close friend of ours has had a stroke, a bleed into his brain, and he is at this time unable to communicate with any of us in a way that makes sense... He also has permanently lost at least half of his sight. Sometimes these events make one slow down and realize what is really important in life.
Prayers accepted for Bill...

Oh, to be 3 ..... The littlest Artist

Last week our oldest son flew in to surprise me for my upcoming birthday with his baby girl, our youngest grandchild. We had a supreme surprise with lots of good times, going to the ocean, the pool and the park for her to play. What a wonderful visit. Just perfect timing and the joy of youth to lift our spirits. We are so appreciative of his time and work to make this happen. Soooo, life is what happens to us while we're busy making plans.. :)

Now, back to the project for the hospital. I am currently working on the last design, and will post it in here once it is complete. When all is done and squared away, I will have a page/link somewhere with all 7 of the pieces together. The last piece I am designing is a Starfish.

I posted a Sphynx Cat last week for my weekly Art4Critters donation piece... which SOLD with 100% of the money going to Animal Dreams, a group that deals with cats in the Berkshires.

Today I have added a new Aceo to be sold for the same group, Animal Dreams. This piece is a small Aceo of a Flamingo.

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