Monday, June 21, 2010

New Week, Summer Solstice, New Art4Critters

A New week.. For some reason I'm tuned into my "colorful" mode this week, and everything is coming out abstract-ish and in bright colors, fairly typical for me. I've done a few new Aceo's, and a new piece for the Art4Critters project which is now in it's 11th week. I have sold 9 of the first 10 pieces I listed, so I would say the project is so far doing well. Each Aceo that I list specifically for the "project" with the 100% donation is part of the one a week for 52 weeks works.

For those of us in the Northern hemisphere, Today is Summer Solstice 2010, the first day of summer. According to Wikipedia, Summer Solstice, or the "first day of summer," is "when the Earth's axial tilt is most inclined towards the sun at its maximum of 23° 26'." It's the longest day of the year, with the shortest night. I remember being in Alaska a few years ago for this night, and they play golf at midnight there "just for the fun of it". Yes, it is light enough all night to play golf, though it's a touch like twi-night, but only for about an hour or so. We got on a ferry and drove all the way to a golf course just to see this once a year event... for us, it was a once in a lifetime event, and it was very kewl to be out and about in twi-night all night long. Kids out playing basketball, people outside of their RV's playing cards at 1-2 in the morning... It was a magical summer, one of the best ever. I so love my light. :)
Happy Summer Solstice everyone... Enjoy.


Lou Belcher said...

Especially love the cat. Great pictures.

Robin said...

your work is devine...the color, style composition and overall feeling...found you on twitter....!

Artwork © Jo Lynch