Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 1- Hospital Project Continued...

The Seahorse Piece for the hospital is finished. The colors match up to the color the hospital requested perfectly just in case you're wondering about some of my color choice. The paint chip I had to work from was a misty grey green.

Spring seems to have sprung, at least here in Florida. People are outside again, working on lawns, planting new flowers and smiling because the sun is shinning after such a long cold winter. I had a fight with a snake today, another sign that spring is here. I almost walked on him as he was laying on top of my back steps when I went out with the dogs, and I'm always bare foot. The dogs played attack, until I could put them back in the house, and at that point he was trying to go in the house with them. Luckily for me, he didn't make it inside. I proceeded to chase him off with a broom, and in my lifetime, I've never seen such an aggressive snake. No matter how far I chased him with the broom and or threw him if I could, he actually leapt off the ground and kept lunging back at me. I finally got him all the way to the waters edge and hoped he'd swim away, but all he did was keep an eye on me, even when I'd walked far away. One of my neighbors who was apparently watching through her binoculars said this snake probably has a nest under my steps. Oh Joy... I have narrowed the species down to a non venomous breed and I hope it stays somewhere else.. I normally would have a photo at this point, but it was a long fight, and I was spent by the time I got him into the pond.


Melody Lea Lamb said...

Beautiful piece for the hospital Jo and I love the story about Mr. Snake! You are brave as well as talented. :)

Wendy Wright said...

Such a beautiful piece Jo! The hospital must be thrilled. I absolutely love the colors and flow of your pieces. You have such a wonderful style. I am such a fan! Glad you were so brave with Mr snake. OMG, I would of ran and hide.

Artwork © Jo Lynch