Sunday, April 4, 2010


I have a request. I am looking for CLOSEUP clear Photos to paint and draw from for my project to help raise funds for Art 4 Critters. ~my project. If you have any images that you'd care to share, I'd love to have them. I cannot promise that I will draw every image I receive... please keep in mind that I need very clear and close up images. I would appreciate your help and images, and I'll give you a credit if I use your image. I am looking for Cats, Dogs, Birds, Horses, wildlife and almost any animals that you have, or can take photos of. If you have images to share with me, please Email me at this link and put ANIMAL PHOTO in the subject line, so I can easily locate it. I would really appreciate it. mail to:

You never know... one day one of your animals may be on one of my greeting cards. Take a chance with me. It's for a good cause, 100% donation goes to Animal Rescues at Art4Critters.

Thanks so much... Jo

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